New Project RFQ

To get a quote on a new project, please submit whatever files or visual materials you have by email.

Below are file submission guidelines, feel free to start with a few screenshots to get the ball rolling.

We check email quite regularly during the week, but you are welcome to call and follow up as well.

Please also include any budget information you have at present. Basic pricing info is below.

File Submission Guidelines

File submission type will vary based on your project setup. Generally speaking these file types work best for the following workflows:
2d Workflow
  • DXF
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF or EPS
  • Sketchup –  each part to be cutout is separated into its own component and there are no extra elements in the model
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF or EPS
  • Please make sure all fonts are outlined
3D Workflow
  • Autodesk Inventor (. ipt)
  • STEP (. step)
  • OBJ (. obj)
  • STL (. stl)
  • Solidworks (. sldprt)
General file prep guidelines


  • Make sure all vectors are to scale, or indicate scale when you submit your file.
  • If possible, submit a separate document with assembly instructions.
  • If pockets (aka dados) are indicated, please show these on a separate layer if using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Pockets will have interior radii unless filleting is included.
  • You may (but do not have to) lay your parts out on sheet of plywood as you would like them cut. We can also nest them onto sheets for you.
  • If woodgrain is a factor for your finished part, please indicate how you would like the grain to run in your vector file. Generally woodgrain will run along the vertical axis of your 2d drafting software (aka the y axis on the mill)


Pricing varies by project, based on level of detail and services required. Shorter time frames will incur rush fees. Larger projects are also eligible for a discount.

Basic pricing structure is as follows:

  • CNC Machine time  $115/hour
  • Shop fabrication  $100/hour
  • CAD services  $90/hour
  • Ask about new client discounts in place through January 2024